The Lottery by Shirley Jackson (Lion)

This week’s cover is from the Lion paperback edition of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery, published in 1950. Lion #14. Cover art by Herman Bischoff. This is one of the stranger covers in this genre, as Jackson’s title story is rather horrific, and even though we get silhouettes of the story’s aggressors and some flying stones as well, we also get the “sexy” Tessie Hutchinson who’s having trouble keeping her clothes on. An odd example, and rather collectible as a result.



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2 responses to “The Lottery by Shirley Jackson (Lion)

  1. nzumel

    Wow. If someone was picking books by their cover, they’d be REALLY disappointed by this one. “The adventures of a demon lover” ??

    I’ll have to re-read the collection to try to remember which story that was supposed to be.

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