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George Orwell 1984 (Signet #798)

What would poor George Orwell have said about this Signet paperback cover of 1984? Published in 1950, just a year after the book’s hardcover publication and the same year as Orwell’s death, for all I know he was aware of it. While no one would call the book itself pulp fiction, the cover certainly gets the pulp treatment with its highlighting of the “Anti-Sex League” and the knowing looks of the man and woman who don’t seem very “anti” about each other.



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Science Fiction December 1939 (Frank R. Paul)

The good news is that this cover was painted by Frank R. Paul, the brilliant artist responsible for the look of the early Amazing Stories and for shaping in many readers’ minds the “look” of the future as they imagined it in the 1920s and 30s. The bad news is that the cover story really is titled “Planet of the Knob Heads.” Stanton A. Coblentz, what were you thinking? Other interesting items between the covers are an article on the development of television and another on fandom that mentions Forrest Ackerman and the first World Science Fiction Convention. Cool stuff.


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Fantastic (Vol. 1 #3) Nov./Dec. 1952

This early issue of Fantastic features stories by Mickey Spillane, Richard Matheson, Cornell Woolrich and others. And for highbrow readers there are also stories by Edgar Allan Poe and E.M. Forster. The poor woman on the cover appears to be having a rough night. Her boyfriend on the back cover seems to be having an even rougher time. The wraparound illustration is by Barye Phillips.

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