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Avon Science Fiction Reader No. 1 (1951)

imgThis week’s cover is the first of Avon’s Science Fiction Reader series, which had a run of only 3 issues. This digest-sized pulp is from 1951 and was edited by Donald A. Wolheim, who later go on to edit at Ace books and eventually start his own publishing house, DAW books. Oddly enough, Wolheim included one of his own stories in this issue of Science Fiction Reader. Must have been tough.


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Free Kindle Dead Man’s Hand Urban Fantasy

My urban fantasy novella, Dead Man’s Hand, is available as a free download for the rest of the day–today, September 4th.

Zombies, werewolves, vampires, rival Bowie tribute bands, and conjoined twin mobsters…it’s all in a day’s work for Ace Stubble, a gritty lawyer whose clients are the undead and paranormal. Feeling a bit worn out, Ace just wants a vacation. But when a cute hacker with a big problem talks Ace into helping her out, he decides to call in some favors and be the good guy. It’s not long before he’s in deep trouble, and it’s going to take more than smooth talk and quick wits if he wants to get out of this bind in one piece.

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